In the years 2012–2014, 50% of Icelandic enterprises were involved in innova­tion activities for goods, services, or processes. 36% of enterprises introduced new or significantly improved goods or services. The products could be new to the market, or just the enterprise itself. 73% of enterprises involved in innovation of products or processes introduced innovations that were a first for Iceland. If organisation and marketing innovation were considered as well, 59% of enterprises were involved in some kind of innovation. 40% thereof had some innovation with environmental bene­fits for the enterprise, and 32% had innovation with environmental benefits for the end user.

The Community Innovation Survey covers enterprises with at least 10 persons em­ployed, with the exception of enterprises in activity classes with less innova­tion in general.

Statistics Iceland has produced statistics on science and technology since 2014, with two biannual surveys, each conducted every other year, in a two-year cycle. In the fall of 2014, Statistics Iceland collected data on R&D expenditures, with results published in April of 2015. Now, the national statistical institute has completed the second survey of the cycle, on community innovation. Data was collected from enterprises in the months of October-December of 2015, on the reference period of the calendar years of 2012-2014.

The survey results have been published on the website of Statistics Iceland, under Business sectors, science and technology, community innovation.

Community Innovation Survey 2012–2014  - Statistical Series