Internet usage in Iceland increases between years, following the trend of previous years, with 95% of the population now being regular users of the Internet. That is the highest percentage of internet users for a European country. The average percentage of regular Internet users within the European Union is 72%. Almost half of Internet users connect to the Internet on mobile phones or smartphones, and 72% thereof use their phone devices to take pictures and upload them directly to the Internet. 59% of Internet users make safety copies of their files and documents, and of those, 55% use Internet storage space, or cloud computing. 12% of those individuals who use cloud computing for storing safety copies of their files pay for it. 58% of Internet users had made purchases over the Internet within a year before the survey. The increase between years was the highest in purchases of computer software and video games, but there was also a considerable increase in purchases of films and music.

Results for Iceland were published on the webpage of Statistics Iceland last September, but last December the statistical centre of the European Union, Eurostat, released the main results from all the participating countries.

The research on enterprises covers enterprises with at least 10 employees, excluding the financial sector.

Of Icelandic enterprises 85% have their own web site and 35% thereof offer the possibility of ordering goods or services of the site. 20% of enterprises consider the cost of introducing web sales to be too high compared to the benefits. 19% of enterprises use social media to recruit employees. Enterprises having environmental policies, with the aim of reducing the enterprise’s impact on the environment, is similarly common in Iceland as in Denmark, but are considerably more common in Sweden. Enterprises imposing requirements that suppliers of IT products and services were environmentally certified, was considerably less common in Iceland than both in Denmark and Sweden.

Computer and Internet usage in Iceland and other European countries 2013 - Statistical Series