Internet usage in Iceland increases by almost two percentage points between the years 2013 and 2014, with 97% of the population being regular users of the Internet in 2014, which is the highest percentage of Internet users in a European country. The average percentage of regular Internet users within the European Union is 75%. A considerable increase comes out between years in individuals’ use of mobile phones and smartphones to connect to the Internet outside of their homes and workplaces, which now applies to 59% of Internet users. E-commerce by individuals also increased considerably between years, with 67% of Internet users having made purchases over the Internet in the twelve months leading up the survey. The e-commerce of movies and music increased as did e-commerce with computers and computer hardware, while there was a decrease in the e-commerce of books, magazines and telecommunication services.

In 2014 8% of Internet users had paid for cloud computing services for saving or sharing files, but in 2013 less than 4% of Internet users claimed to have paid for Internet storage space. Furthermore, 24% of Internet users have used computer software run over the Internet for editing text documents, spreadsheets of presentations.

One third of Icelandic enterprises receive orders over the Internet, or web-based systems other than the Internet. Furthermore, 43% of Icelandic enterprises purchase some sort of cloud computing service, while insufficient knowledge on cloud computing prevents 29% of enterprises from using cloud computing services.

Computer and Internet usage in Iceland and other European countries 2014 - Statistical Series


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