Overnight stays in all accommodation in 2018 were 10.4 million, compared with 10.3 million in 2017. The greatest increase was in the South 8.6%, and the largest decrease was 8.1% in the Westfjords.

Changes between years by regionsovernight1-feb19

Overnight stays in hotels and guesthouses were 5.9 million. Overnight stays in campsites were 1 million, about 1.7 million in other accommodation and 1.8 million through websites such as Airbnb. Additionally, overnight stays in cars other than at campsites were 270,000 and the number of overnight stays with friends and relatives, through exchanges or in other places where no payment was made, was 194,000.


There was a 1.1% increase in the total number of overnight stays between years, thereof 5.1% increase for hotels and guesthouses, 10.2% decrease in campsites, 0.3% decrease in other accommodation and a 3.3% decrease in private accommodation through Airbnb etc.

Paid overnight stays 2018
Hotels and guesthouses Websites such as Airbnb Others Campsites
Capital region2,826,9590.4%1,049,000-9.4%829,8632.6%74,164-28.8%

VAT-turnover of Airbnb accommodation 17.4 billion ISK in 2017
The income of accommodation and experiences registered through Airbnb was 17.5 billion ISK in 2018, which was a 19% increase from 2017, when it was 14.7 billion ISK. These numbers are based on VAT registrations to the Directorate of Internal Revenue, according to the law on VAT (Act 50/1988).

VAT turnover in accommodation 2014-2018
Million ISK20142015201620172018
Accommodation (NACE 55)51,92862,54185,30494,53898,033
Accommodation and experiences through Airbnb2,5035,52411,80314,69717,460

Since Airbnb has for the last two years included establishments offering both accommodation and experiences, changes in VAT turnover through Airbnb are not necessarily compatible with changes in overnight stays for accommodation offered through Airbnb and similar web services.