Overnight stays in all types of accommodation in December were 523 thousand and decreased by 4% compared to the same month the year before. Overnight stays in hotels were 305 thousand, or 58% of total overnight stays, and increased by 1% during the same period.

Supply of hotel rooms has increased a lot lately and last December the supply had increased by 9% compared with the same month the year before. Hotel room usage rate has decreased from 53.3% to 50.6% during the same period.

The number of passengers arriving in Iceland through Keflavik Airport in January decreased by 11%, from 179 thousand to 158 thousand, compared to the same month last year. Thereof passengers with foreign passports decreased by 13%, or 18 thousand passengers, while the number of Icelandic passengers decreased by 6%, from 41 thousand to 38 thousand.

This release includes updated statistics on overnight stays along with updated statistics on rental cars from the Iceland transport authority, a count from the Icelandic Tourist board on passengers going through Keflavik airport and traffic statistics for Keflavik airport.

Tourism short-term indicators December  January - December 
Overnight stays120182019 %2017-20182018-2019%
Total overnight stays547174522949-4%1089778610495959-4%
Hotels and guesthouses356128352682-1%58610915785059-1%
Airbnb and similar sites7900064000-19%18160001620000-11%
Other types of unpaid accommodation119000190000%532900455000-15%
Other types of listed accommodation9304687267-6%26877952635900-2%
  December  January - December 
Occupancy rate of hotel rooms20182019 %2017-20182018-2019 %
Total overnight stays in hotels3024223047221%447287045190231%
Available hotel rooms9973108569%1201031289527%
Occupancy rate53.3%50.6%-2.768.0%64.5%-3.5
  Q3  Q4 - Q3 
Balance of trade in services (million ISK)20182019 %2017-20182018-2019 %
Revenue from non-Icelandic tourists194412169678-13%511966484702-5%
- Passenger flights6942649297-29%182138147230-19%
- Consumption124985120381-4%3298283374722%
  September - October  November - October 
VAT turnover (million ISK)220182019 %2017-20182018-2019 %
Total turnover115336106279-8%683940621931-9%
- Accommodation4565441135-10%293996229955-22%
- Passenger flights (international)1864017469-6%1004501002120%
- Catering and services1731216682-4%99316999111%
- Travel agents and planners (abroad)89017501-16%5147549105-5%
- Travel agents and planners (in Iceland)34303257-5%16460164580%
- Car rentals1658515860-4%93437988116%
- Passenger transport on land38453443-11%2342622183-5%
- Passenger water transport970931-4%53845291-2%
  October Average employees November - October
Employees320182019 %2017-20182018-2019 %
Total employees in key tourism sectors2890026300-9%2894127525-5%
- Passenger flights56004300-23%52004700-10%
- Accommodation69006800-1%70006900-1%
- Catering and services106009600-9%1080010200-6%
- Travel agents and planners38003600-5%380038000%
- Other tourism sectors28002600-9%28002600-7%
  February  Average March - Febru 
Rental cars420192020 %2018-20192019-2020 %
Total rental cars2453722979-6%2534524491-3%
Rental cars (active)2154420112-7%2346222735-3%
Rental cars (inactive)29932867-4%18831757-7%
  January  February - January 
Traffic on ring road520192020 %2018-20192019-2020 %
South Iceland100448962-11%180403176436-2%
West Iceland93587778-17%1655551717394%
North Iceland44673761-16%10362497395-6%
East Iceland11101071-4%2780124191-13%
  January  February - January 
Passenger count to and from Iceland20192020 % 2018-20192019-2020 %
Total Passengers6179640158986-11%29770222576882-13%
- Foreign nationality139055120918-13%23074111969438-15%
- Icelandic nationality4058538068-6%669611607444-9%
  January  February - January 
Traffic statistics - Keflavik Airport20192020 %2018-20192019-2020 %
Total movements (departures/landings)60114206-30%9715984206-13%
Total passenger movements7535210375723-30%97702667088333-27%
- Departures182344159248-13%29630522589047-13%
- Arrivals171539152514-11%29453322588612-12%
- Exchange passengers (counted twice)18132763961-65%38590101903673-51%

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1 Other accommodations are camping sites, youth hostels, holiday centres, lodges in wilderness, apartments, sleeping-bag facilities and private-home accommodation. Other unpaid accommodation includes overnight stays in cars, tents or caravans outside campsites and indoor accommodation where no payment was made.
2 Travel agencies (abroad): Services in connection with trips abroad, i.e. with zero VAT-rate according to paragraph 12 of the VAT-law (Act 50/1988). Travel agencies (in Iceland): Services in connection with trips in Iceland, i.e. not with zero VAT-rate according to paragraph 12 of the VAT-law (Act 50/1988).
3 Numbers rounded to the nearest hundred.
4 According to data from Icelandic transport authority.
5 According to numbers from 14 counters on the ring road from Icelandic Road Administration. Monthly numbers show the average count each month. 12 month rolling period specifies the total count during the period. Data is used from 14 counters located on the ring road.
6 According to numbers from Icelandic Tourist Board.
7 otal passenger movements count departures, arrivals and connecting passengers which are counted twice.

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