Tourism short-term indicators are a new addition to Statistics Iceland’s tourism statistics. The indicators will show the latest descriptive statistics for the tourism sector in Iceland. The indicators will be updated every month with the latest figures as they become available.

The first release includes the latest numbers on overnight stays, spending of foreign travelers, VAT-turnover in activities related to tourism, employees in activities related to tourism. Also released are statistics on rental cars from the Iceland transport authority, key statistics for traffic on the ring road from Icelandic Road Administration along with a count from the Icelandic Tourist board on passengers departing Iceland.

tourism Picture 1: The graph shows how hotel room supply and occupancy has changed from 2010-2018

Tourism short-term indicators October   November - October 
Overnight stays120172018 %2016-20172017-2018 %
Total overnight stays586,512649,274+11%8,375,9598,990,534+7%
Hotels and guesthouses454,485490,900+8.0%5,572,9775,792,849+4%
Other types of listed accommodation2132,027158,400+20%2,802,9823,197,685+14%
  October   November - October 
Occupancy rate of hotel rooms20172018 %2016-20172016-2017 %
Total overnight stays in hotels368,224397,902+8.1%4,259,5604,457,847+5%
Available hotel rooms9,46810,201+7.7%108,495118,468+9%
Occupancy rate70%71%+0.373%68%--6
  Q3  Q4 - Q3
Balance of trade in services (million ISK)20172018 %2016-20172017-2018 %
Revenue from non-Icelandic tourists188,701193,989+3%495,608512,084+3%
- Passenger flights66,88469,511+4%180,009182,207+1%
- Consumption121,817124,479+2%315,599329,876+5%
  July - August  September - August
VAT turnover (million ISK)20172018 %2016-20172017-2018 %
Total turnover154,041165,764+7.6%622,465677,244+8.8%
- Accommodation26,63727,240+2.3%92,51296,321+4.1%
- Passenger flights61,71969,304+12.3%258,794295,601+14.2%
- Catering and services19,11719,355+1.2%93,93798,316+4.7%
- Travel Agents and planners28,66031,738+10.7%104,882113,251+8.0%
- Car rentals12,64012,767+1.0%50,11050,879+1.5%
- Passenger transport on land5,2685,360+1.7%22,23122,875+2.9%
September  Average Employees October - September
Employees320172018 %2016-20172017-2018 %
Total employees in key tourism sectors30,00030,200+0.7%28,60029,500+3.1%
- Accommodation5,2005,800+12.7%4,5005,100+13.3%
- Passenger flights7,4007,400-0.0%6,6006,800+2.3%
- Catering and services11,10010,800--3.2%10,70010,700-0.4%
- Travel Agents and planners4,3004,400+2.2%4,0004,100+2.8%
- Other tourism sectors3,0003,000--1.9%2,8002,800-1.4%
  November  Average December - November
Rental cars420172018 %2016-20172017-2018 %
Total rental cars24,57525,749+4.8%23,10425,115+8.7%
Rental cars (active)22,44423,847+6.3%21,22923,125+8.9%
Rental cars (inactive)2,1311,902--10.7%1,8751,990+6.1%
  October   November - October  
Traffic on roads520172018 %2016-20172017-2018 %
South Iceland14,51714,857+2%165,069178,809+8%
West Iceland12,99113,246+2%157,870162,951+3%
North Iceland7,9177,590--4%100,528102,624+2%
East Iceland1,8932,047+8%25,92127,564+6%
  October   November - October  
Passengers620172018 %2016-20172017-2018 %
Total Passengers241,219263,587+9%2,780,0232,972,789+7%
- Icelandic nationality181,919199,626+10%2,171,8932,308,518+6%
- Other nationality59,30063,961+8%608,130664,271+9%
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1 Publication on the estimated number of overnight stays in October through websites such as Airbnb and on the estimated number of unpaid overnight stays is postponed. The methodology for calculating these numbers is being reviewed and data will be updated as soon as possible.
2 Other accommodations are camping sites, youth hostels, holiday centres, lodges in wilderness, apartments, sleeping-bag facilities and private-home accommodation.
3 Numbers rounded off to nearest hundred.
4 According to data from Icelandic transport authority.
5 According to numbers from Icelandic Road Administration. Monthly numbers show the average number of cars each month. 12 month rolling period specifies the total number of cars during the period. Data is used from 14 counters located on the ring road.
6 According to numbers from Icelandic Tourist Board.

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