Statistics Iceland has released a new issue of the Statistical Series within the category of Wages, income, and labour market. The issue, International comparison of wages in the privat sector 2002, presents results from the Structure of earnings survey for the year 2002. This survey is part of the statistical cooperation with the European Union through Eurostat. Eurostat released this data in May 2005. The purpose of the survey is to establish comparable wage statistics for the European Union member states, Norway, Iceland, Romania and Bulgaria. The Icelandic data covers the economic activities of industry, constructions, wholesale and retail trade and repair in the private market.

This publication contains information on hourly earnings, annual earnings and number of hours paid. The annual earnings are presented for sex, age and education. The figures are displayed in Euro and in PPP, Purchasing Power Parities.

The results show that annual earnings, in euro, are high in Iceland compared to other countries in the survey, although Iceland scales down when hourly earnings are compared. However, when price levels are taken into account through PPP, Purchasing Power Parities, Icelandic levels are lower in comparison with other countries. The number of paid hours is high in Iceland, especially in construction. The proportion of overtime hours to total hours is also high in Iceland both for men and women.

International comparison of wages in the private sector 2002 - Statistical Series


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