The wage index in March 2019 is 675.3 points, 0.2% higher than in the previous month. In the last twelve months the monthly wage index has risen by 5.5%

Parallel to the release of the wage index today, changes are made to tables for sub-groups of the wage index. This change is due to the fact that from January 2019 the monthly wage index includes wage changes in the economic activity Accommodation and food service activities. To preserve comparability, the base year for all sub-indices of the wage index, not only for economic activity, has been set to 100 in December 2018 and indices calculated back to January 2015. This change affects the following tables:

Previous index-series, with base in December 2014, are discontinued but data are available as earlier tables:

Other index-series, such as the monthly wage index from 1989 and quarterly wage index from 2005, are unchanged.

Further information on methods, data and weights are found in the metadata.