Wages increased by 0.5% from previous quarter
Wages increased by 0.5% on average from previous quarter according to the quarterly wage index in 3rd quarter 2013. From previous year the increase was 5.9% on average, 6.1% in the private sector and 5.3% in the public sector. The annual increase was 5.7% for the central government employees and 5.0% for the local government employees.


Wages in the private sector by economic activity and occupational group
From the previous quarter, wages increased by 1.2% in Transport, storage and communication. During the same period wages in Wholesale and retail trade; repair increased by 0.3%. The annual change of the wage index ranged from 5.6% in Manufacturing to 7.0% in Transport, storage and communication.

Wages for General, machine and specialized workers increased by 0.2% while wages for Clerks increased by 2.4%. Annual change ranged from 4.9% for Managers to 7.8% for Clerks.