Fishing by foreign countries in Icelandic waters 2009 and the world catch 2008

  • Statistical Series
  • 21. December 2010
  • Vol 95, Issue 77
  • ISSN: 1670-4541

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The catch by foreign vessels in Icelandic waters (region Va) decreased from 59 thousand tonnes in 2008 to 11 thousand tonnes in 2009. The Atlantic herring is the most dominant species in the catch of the foreign vessels in 2009. The Faroese was the most active foreign fishing nation in Icelandic waters in 2009 with catch of 9 thousand tonnes. The world catch amounted to nearly 90 million tonnes in 2008 which is an increase from previous year by 158 thousand tonnes. (Corrected version published 15 February 2011.)

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