Liabilities, assets and net worth of individuals 2012

  • Statistical Series
  • 30. August 2013
  • Vol 98, Issue 27
  • ISSN: 1670-4665

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Total liabilities at year end 2012 were 1,922 billion ISK and had increased by 1,9% from previous year. Mortgages were 1,223 billion ISK and other liabilities coverd 698 billion ISK. Couples with children owed 25 million ISK on average and had assets worth 35 million ISK on average. Families aged 40-49 years were the most indebted of all age groups at year end 2012. Their total liabilities amounted to nearly 558 billion ISK or 29% of total liabilities. The greatest decrease in liabilities was with families aged 25-29 years, about 7.4%, but increased the most by families aged 67 years and older, by 9.6%.

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