Statistics Iceland has published the results of its fourth survey on the use of ICT and the Internet by Icelandic households and individuals. The survey was conducted in February 2005.

Results show, that 88% of the Icelandic population aged 16–74 years use computers and 86% use the Internet. The majority of Internet users browse the Internet every day. In 2005, more people ordered or purchased goods or services over the Internet than in previous years and the most popular products are related to travel and accommodation. That same year almost nine out of every ten households in Iceland had a computer and 84% were connected to the Internet. 73% of Internet-connected households use high speed Internet connection.

The article discusses IC technology in Icelandic households as well as individuals’ use of computers and the Internet. Emphasis is placed on computer and Internet related activities carried out by individuals, the purpose of Internet use and e–commerce. An international comparison is made based on results from Eurostat.

Results for households are presented by residence, household type and household income. Results for individuals are presented by gender, age, residence, education and occupation.

Use of ICT and the Internet by households and individuals 2005 - publication


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