Iceland has the highest percentage of households with access to the internet in Europe and furthermore also the highest percentage of internet users. Annually 32 European countries conduct researches on the use of information and communication technology by individuals and enterprises. Results for Iceland were published on the webpage of Statistics Iceland last September, but last December the statistical centre of the European Union, Eurostat, released the main results from all the participating countries.

The enterprise research covers all enterprises that have at least 10 persons employed, but the financial sector is excluded. 27% of Icelandic enterprises employ an IT specialist, but the corresponding percentage is 21% in the countries of the European Union. 64% of Icelandic enterprises provide some of their employees with devices to access the internet wirelessly. That percentage was 48% in the countries of the European Union, but 68% in Norway.

The research on individuals showed that 47% of internet users in the age range of 16-74 access the internet with the following wireless devices: laptops, palmtops or tablets, but that percentage was 33% in the whole of the European Union. The highest percentage was in Norway, 69%, but the second highest in Sweden and the United Kingdom, 51%.

Regarding activities on the internet by individuals 67% of internet users in Iceland had published messages on social networking sites, but corresponding percentage was 52% in the countries of the European union. 90% of Icelandic internet users use internet banking and that percentage is only higher (91%) in Norway and Finland.

Results for Europe are now available on the webpage of Statistics Iceland.