Estimated overnight stays in hotels were 37,000 in October, which is a 91% decrease compared with October last year. Thereof 26,000 overnight stays were paid by Icelanders (-35%) and 11,000 by foreigners (-97%).

VAT turnover in key tourism sectors in July - August was 68 billion ISK and decreased by 67% from the same period the year before when it was 149 billion ISK. In the last 12 months VAT turnover has decreased by 38% in key tourism sectors.

17,000 employees were working in key tourism sectors in September compared with a little over 29,000 the same month last year (-42%).

This release includes updated statistics on overnight stays along with VAT turnover and employees in key tourism sectors. Also updated are statistics on rental cars from the Icelandic Transport Authority, traffic statistics from the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration and passenger count from the Icelandic Tourist Board and ISAVIA through Keflavik Airport along with traffic statistics for Keflavik Airport.

Tourism short-term indicators September 2020 September  October - september 
Overnight stays20192020 %2018-20192019-2020%
Total overnight stays11727864261874-85%83864914381823-48%
Hotels and guesthouses58592185551-85%57598743086264-46%
Airbnb and similar sites24000032000-87%.... 
Other types of unpaid accommodation7900020000-75%.... 
Other types of listed accommodation2822943124323-85%26266171295559-51%
  September  October - september 
Occupancy rate of hotel rooms20192020 %2018-20192019-2020 %
Total overnight stays in hotels43420664277-85%44851792460613-45%
Available hotel rooms112328087-28%.... 
Occupancy rate74%16%-5865%38%-27
Experimental statistics - Overnight stays in hotels 2019 (actual)   2020 (estimated) %
Overnight stays in hotels41900037000-91%45054712079008-54%
– Iceland4000026000-35%43113057859934%
– Foreigners37900011000-97%40743411500409-63%
  Q2  Q3-Q2 
External trade in services (million ISK)20192020 %2018-20192019-2020 %
Revenue from non-Icelandic tourists11840211724-90%508852332695-35%
– Passanger transport by air364914614-87%167899100403-40%
– Travel / Consumption819117109-91%340953232293-32%
  July - August  September - August 
VAT turnover3 (million ISK)20192020 %2018-20192019-2020 %
Tourism industries14938257842-61%632002391805-38%
– Passenger flights5219716980-68%234525143587-39%
– Accommodation2818410060-64%10172057918-43%
– Catering and services2025815443-24%10093283476-17%
– Travel agents and planners (abroad)121188469-30%5050536049-29%
– Travel agents and planners (in Iceland)3502318-91%170028178-52%
– Car rentals258265053-80%9936648299-51%
– Passenger transport on land5188835-84%2261911984-47%
– Passenger water transport2108685-68%53322315-57%
  September Average employees October - September
Register based employment20192020 %2018-20192019-2020 %
Tourism industries2945017010-42%2841922503-21%
– Air transport47742692-44%47643826-20%
– Accommodation77213525-54%69985263-25%
– Food service activities103547902-24%103368735-15%
– Travel agency, tour operators and other reservation service 41211867-55%39582981-25%
  November  Average December - November
Rental cars420192020 %2018-20192019-2020 %
Total rental cars2435918677-23%2481821301-14%
Rental cars (active)2253413961-38%2297317299-25%
Rental cars (inactive)18254716158%18454001117%
  October  November - October 
Traffic on ring road520192020 %2018-20192019-2020 %
South Iceland143049734-32%178385144214-19%
West Iceland132539388-29%172778147707-15%
North Iceland76474749-38%10340280027-23%
East Iceland20371287-37%2705719813-27%
  October  November - October 
Passenger count from Iceland620192020 % 2018-20192019-2020 %
Total Passengers2199489801-96%2640511937259-65%
- Foreign nationality1630935923-96%2016966213665-89%
- Icelandic nationality568553878-93%62354572359416%
  October  November - October 
Traffic statistcs - Keflavik Airport720192020 %2018-20192019-2020 %
Total movements (departures/landings)75144717-37%8715351760-41%
Total passenger movements55293619288-97%2658983937812-65%
– Departures2200979916-95%2659581926950-65%
– Arrivals2099908981-96%2268791362553-84%
– Exchange passengers (counted twice)122849391-100%75873552227315-71%

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1 Airbnb and unpaid accommodation not included in 12 month period.
2 Other accommodations are camping sites, youth hostels, holiday centres, lodges in wilderness, apartments, sleeping-bag facilities and private-home accommodation. Other unpaid accommodation includes overnight stays in cars, tents or caravans outside campsites and indoor accommodation where no payment was made.
3 Travel agencies (abroad): Services in connection with trips abroad, i.e. with zero VAT-rate according to paragraph 12 of the VAT-law (Act 50/1988). Travel agencies (in Iceland): Services in connection with trips in Iceland, i.e. not with zero VAT-rate according to paragraph 12 of the VAT-law (Act 50/1988).
4 Data from the Icelandic transport authority.
5 According to numbers from 14 counters on the ring road from Icelandic Road Administration. Monthly numbers show the average count each month. 12 month rolling period specifies the total count during the period. Data is used from 14 counters located on the ring road.
6 Data from the Icelandic Tourist Board.
7 Data from ISAVIA - passenger movements count departures, arrivals and connecting passengers which are counted twice.

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