Date Title Subject Type
17.12.2012 More licensed teachers at the upper secondary level in November 2011 Education News
14.12.2012 The Wage Index in 3rd quarter 2012 Wages and income News
16.11.2012 Advance release calendar for 2013 Miscellaneous News
15.11.2012 News release on fish catches in October 2012 postponed Fisheries News
7.11.2012 News release on personnel in schools at the upper secondary level in November 2011 postponed Education News
12.10.2012 Advance release calendar for 2013 Miscellaneous News
9.10.2012 Disposable income of the household sector 2011 National accounts News
9.10.2012 Computer and internet usage by individuals 2012 Science and technology News
4.10.2012 Municipal social services 2011 Social affairs News
13.9.2012 Labour cost index in 2nd quarter 2012 News
30.8.2012 Catch, value and processing of catch 2011 Fisheries News
27.7.2012 Consumer prices down by 0.7% between months Prices News
27.7.2012 Producer prices decrease by 1.2% from previous month Prices News
20.7.2012 The wage index is essentially unchanged from previous month Wages and income News
6.7.2012 Global Forum on Tourism Statistics held in Iceland in November Tourism News
2.7.2012 Statistics Iceland closed from 16 July through 6 August External trade News
29.6.2012 Value of sold production 2011 Industry News
14.6.2012 Labour cost index in 1st quarter 2012 News
11.6.2012 Iceland in figures in smartphones and tablet PCs Miscellaneous News
30.5.2012 Producer prices increase by 0.5% from previous month Prices News
23.5.2012 Iceland in figures 2012 is now available Miscellaneous News
18.5.2012 Export production of marine products increases in value by 7.8% Fisheries News
16.5.2012 The balance of trade in goods was favourable by 97,100 million ISK External trade News
3.5.2012 Publication on export and export production of marine products postponed Fisheries News
24.4.2012 Publication on external trade in goods postponed External trade News
20.4.2012 8.3% increase in overnight stays in 2011 Tourism News
18.4.2012 Labour force survey, March 2012 Labour market News
2.4.2012 Fewer students complete upper secondary education on time in Iceland than in most other OECD countries Education News
26.3.2012 Income distribution more equal than in previous years Quality of life News
14.3.2012 Labour force survey, February 2012 Labour market News
12.3.2012 Labour Force Survey data released on a monthly basis Labour market News
5.1.2012 External trade in goods, January-November 2011 External trade News
4.1.2012 Producer price index in November 2011 Prices News