Date Title Subject Type
16.12.2010 Publication on profitability in fishing and fish processing 2009 postponed Fisheries News
19.11.2010 Household finances 2004-2010 Quality of life News
16.11.2010 Publication on financial status of households released ahead of schedule Quality of life News
4.11.2010 Publication on sector accounts postponed National accounts News
3.11.2010 General government revenues 1998-2009 Public finance News
27.10.2010 Consumer price index in October 2010 Prices News
20.10.2010 World statistics day Miscellaneous News
19.10.2010 Statistical series on labour market statistics, 3rd quarter 2010 postponed Labour market News
14.10.2010 Local government elections 29 May 2010 Elections News
7.9.2010 News release on births 2009 postponed Inhabitants News
13.7.2010 Population projection 2010-2060 Inhabitants News
1.7.2010 News release on births 2009 postponed Inhabitants News
27.5.2010 News release on district courts 2008 postponed Social affairs News
21.5.2010 Financial status of households 2004-2009 Quality of life News
19.5.2010 Personnel in pre-primary schools 2009 Education News
18.5.2010 Referendum 6 March 2010 Elections News
12.5.2010 Municipal social services 2007-2009 Social affairs News
4.5.2010 Labour market statistics 1991-2009 Labour market News
23.4.2010 News release on value of catch January 2010 postponed Fisheries News
7.4.2010 Publication on labour market statistics 2009 postponed Labour market News
31.3.2010 External trade of goods in 2009 External trade News
22.3.2010 Profitability in fishing and fish processing 2008 Fisheries News
19.3.2010 Release date for monthly wage index and index for mortgage payment adjustment changed Miscellaneous News
16.3.2010 Publication of profitability in fishing and fish processing brought forward to 22nd March Miscellaneous News
15.3.2010 Risk of poverty and income distribution 2004-2009 Quality of life News
18.2.2010 Gender wage differential in the private sector 2000-2007 Wages and income News
18.1.2010 News release on non-residential deaths in Iceland 1999-2008 postponed Inhabitants News
6.1.2010 Producer price index in November 2009 Prices News